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Apr 21, 2006


Wowieee! You two look soooooo SWEET! wELCOME BACK HOME AND i HAVE TO ADMIT, i'VE NEVER HEARD OF "THAT'S cLEVER" O shoot! I forgot to flip back to lower case again! but what is it, is it like a HGTV show????!!!! Let me know what I've been missing!!! I'm always watching the Amazing Race and dreaming away! LOL Be sure and let me know when you will be on!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOO!
Welcome back! Love all the pics! Now your need a vacation from your vacation, right? ;)
You two look happy and sunburned. Thanks goodness OUR weather has finally turned...
Hey I got a postcard from you this afternoon! Thank you so much-it's wonderful! xox
kelly rae
it's true, you look like you are a happy 14 year old in that shot! glad you had a great time. welcome home to sunshine in the northwest!
Oh, your trip sounds like it was amazing. Good Luck with your TV show taping. As they say in show biz: "break a leg". ;-)
I'm glad you had a great trip! :) Good luck getting ready for Tuesday. I can't wait to see it!
J a n e
Hello Tracy~ I decided to join this place. It seems so nice and full of lovely people like yourself... Bravo! For taping an episode of That's Clever! (If you have any questions about That's Clever- filming- I can tell you about my experience! It was...interesting to say the least.) BTW- I love your pendants that you made... XoxoxoX J a n e
Oh, Tracy! You are gonna be all tanned & lovely for your TV shoot! What an exciting thing to come home to. soooooooo glad you guys had fun (boy, that's pretty obvious from that cute picture!). Now, WOW EM for TV, as I know you will. PROUD OF YOU! Deb
You look about 14 years old in that picture and what a cutie your DH is. Obviously Maui was heaven. Have fun with the film crew. Let us know when to watch.
ALOHA!!!!!WELCOME HOME!!!!! You and your hubby look so cute!!! I'm sure you had a wonderful time. I am so excited for you about "that's clever", I watch it whenever I can get the chance. Can't wait to hear all about it!! When you have a chance, in a week or two let's talk more about art and soul. Since I have never been to something like that, I want to talk about how many classes I should take, should I sign up for the welcome night or whatever it is? etc. I would help you clean up if I was closer!!! Luv, Natalie
WElcome home Tracy! I missed you! Glad you had such a great time!! Break a leg on TUesday-I am sur eyou will be *steller*!!
Welcome back to the mainland! And have FUN when you do That's Clever...I'm so proud of you!
Hi Tracy! Glad you're back! Your pictures of Maui are beautiful! I've been to several islands but never there and now I must go. I tape That's Clever! every day so I'm so tickled you'll be doing a show - what fun!

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