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Apr 22, 2006


linda harre
my oh my.....your charms are fabulous. i would love to own one....please post when you put them up for sale and how to find them........thanks for the inspiration..~L.
I can't wait untill they are on ebay, when they are tell us what they are posted under so thet we can see. Thanks.
Corey Moortgat
Hi Tracy, I've been trying to get a hold of you via email about swapping for one of your adorable charms! If you're just very busy, no problem, but I'm thinking maybe you haven't gotten my emails for some reason...
Oh...love the charms. Please be sure and post the link. Lisa
Heather Espana
Hi Tracy! Beautiful charms! Quick question, did you receive the package I sent you for the Sweet Pea Paper and Ribbon Swap? I hope so! Also, I was wondering if you had sent one to me. I haven't received anything, so I hope it didn't get lost in the mail! Drop me an email when you get a chance. Thanks! :)
Account Deleted
ohhhh i like your charms alot!!! your work is marvelous!!! and your site is very very cheerful!!!!! i always browse but this is the first time i posted:)
OMG Girl!! Is that a Kewpie on the mushroom? WHerever did you find it?! *faints*
Oh yes, I am loving these charms, be sure to post a link when they ar elited!
mimi k
These charms are so wonderful- I really enjoy checking out what you do next! I like to watch how your artwork does NOT progress in a straight line :-)
The charms are charming! What a fun way to procrastinate. And with our great weather, I am actually surprised to hear you are inside.
great charms!
OMG.. I LOVE those, especially the creative cottage. Hurry eBay!
katie kendrick
i SO understand stalling when feeling stress, i do the same thing! i'm happy to hear you're taking care of yourself with a bath - i wish we had cable so i could see this episode...congratulations Mz moviestar :-) i appreciated your comment on my blog, i hope we get a chance for a longer visit sometime, maybe sometime you and i and stacie can meet up, now that would be fun!! xox
Welcome back, Tracy! Love the pins. I am dying to learn the techniques. Any ideas where? XO
Tracy, Thanks for the comment on my blog. Looks like you had a great time in Hawaii. One of these days, well next trip I make back to Oregon, we will have to hook up. I know you are a good friend of Brenda M's... plus btw, my grandfather's name was Roos :-) Thanks again for the note on my blog.

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