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Apr 04, 2006


Halo! I went to Artfest! today I finally got around to unpacking! (a week later!) I was extremely overwhelmed by the whole experience...my first time, but what amazing people I met... I think I am a lil depressed as to leaving my new "tribe" I come home to, not a single soul understanding my art journey, so I am already planning for next year! I love your blog, I love your art!! Thanks for sharing~ xo ~Izabella www.velvet-and-rust.com
oh yes yes yes-- so wiped out-- but overflowing with ideas and new people and SO much. *sigh* Overwhleming and I can't absorb it all.
Hi Tracy! I'm so glad to meet another Portland artist -- I love your work, have been happily going over your website and wishing I had gone to Artfest, too! Sounds like it was amazing. This collage is so beautiful. Also love your story of taking the big plunge to becoming an artist and making a living at it. Me too, and I got started at the Saturday Market! I'm not there anymore, but it still has a very special place in my heart. Cheers!
thank you for your kind words. i'm especially delighted because it led me to your site. i took some time and looked through your past works, back when you started with painting, all the way to your current work. i loved that you recently, in the last few years, have found your calling. it affirms my own feelings of my inner journey right now. your work is truely amazing, inspiring. and you live in portland! even better. i loved what your artfest pieces. i was blown away by the polaroid assemblages at show & tell and yours is fantastic. and i love the jewelry you made, too. so cool. thank you for reminding me that i am just now on my way and to trust the process. you are such a gem. i'll be keeping up with you!
Look at all those goodies you made! Sounds like artfest was a blast - I am so sorry I missed it! Take some time to relax yourself!!
katie kendrick
hi tracy!! i was happy to see you long enough to give you a hug on vendor night. Your experience at artfest sounds full (and exhausting!) the art you posted is beautiful as always. xoxo
liz elayne
I have been to your site many times but am just now posting a comment... I was also at artfest and am still exhausted (and not sure why i am up at almost 2 am - i think my creative energy has a life of its own now). What an amazing experience. And how fantastic that you are going to Maui - one of my favorite places in the world. You will love it! The people...the food...the weather...the flowers...the whales (there might be a few humpbacks still hanging around)...I am so jealous! And...love all that you made! Such fun!
Wow!!! look at all that cool loot. It sounds like artfest was a blast, I hope to go one day. I love the bracelet. Glad you had such a great time.
I am pooped but too high to stop. I started a couple of more pieces (from tainted toys class techniques) and trying to clean my studio to make room for all of the new ideas! Have a great time in Hawaii!
Maybe you're tired because you used your creativity to its' absolute limit and now need to recuperate...that's okay, though. You have some wonderful things here.
Hmm..well Stacie wants to learn to quilt so maybe I will teach hand applique? Does that interest you at all?
Lelainia! Aren't they cute! I stayed up until 3am making the earrings and another charm that had two different sides. They're made from different tins. The background of the earrings are from an old Ludens cough drop tin and the girls are from a victorian (not old) easter tin. I've been playing with tin all day, just loving every bit of it. When we have an art party at Stacie's house, we should each have a "class" for the others and teach something...I can teach the tin charms, as stacie is wanting to know...what are YOU gonna teach? :) Let's put it on the calendar and start planning it. sound good to you? Stace?? oxox
I am utterly spent and happier than a fool. I put my pictures on flickr just for you (and anyone else who is interested). This is the first time I have posted photos there. I'd had 2 glasses of wine before taking the pictures at the show and tell so they are a little cockeyed but the work is amazing none the less. Rest. And then Hawaii! Soooo-weeeet! Lucky you. http://www.flickr.com/photos/judyblueskies/
Tracy! I am so lame!!! I am so sorry about the last night of Artfest...I was so tired. I didn't even go to show and tell, just went to my room after dinner and crashed. I had to get up way early the next morning so we could head out. Don't hate me!
Tracy dear, please tell me-did your tins have those images on the or did you add them? I would like to do something like that! COOL! I had not thought of earrings-you are clever!

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