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Today I'm reading, listening, watching...

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May 02, 2006


That's Clever... do tell what this is! I have no cable so I'm way behind the times... xoox L
Love your sweet little charm! Hope you had a good time in Las Vegas...
Can't wait to hear about the "That's Clever" filming! I'll bet you are pooped you busy girl you. ;) I just got back from visiting a friend in Arizona yesterday myself and although I had fun, I'm a little pooped too. Let me know when you're all rested up we'll meet for that coffee. ~ Paulette
I can not wait to hear about everything! And How was Vegas? I am going in a few weeks and have never been!
LOOOOVE that new charm. I hope you list them soon! Hugs
Andra Hepler
we missed you!! smiles, andra...do write about your That's Clever moment!!!!

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