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May 24, 2006


the more I look at this picture, the more tin envy I get....
you really have an eye for spotting treasures. lately i've been hunting for vintage tins, but seems they are difficult to find - not a one. that's the fun of it though, the search.
oh my - those earings are all so lovely - I am swooning!!
Your earrings are beautiful!!! I just love them.. almost as much as I LOVE YOU! :)
Account Deleted
so very happy to hear about your father...have been praying for him. that armoire is divine! what a wonderful find...and to have them deliver it?? WOW...nice people. now i have to go over and take a look at your jewelry! let us know if you put any up for sale {*hint*}
OMG those earrings are all soo wonderful. I love them all and hope you will be selling some ( hint hint) Can you please tell me about the tool you use to insert the eyelets? The look much smaller than regular ones..?? Glad to hear your Dad is doing well Hugs
Hey, Honey Pie! so glad your dad is on the road to recovery. What a scary accident that was! I've been thinking of you, and I'm glad things are looking up for him. Hugs- Deb
Tracy those earrings are FAB! I love the white and blue pair with the hearts dangling from them-they would look wonderful with jeans-a perfect compliment! By the by, are you coming to the AFF vendor's night? I will be at AFF taking classes.
Hi Tracy! So glad to hear that your Dad is on his way to Recovery!! What a scary thing to happen. Let's talk soon, so that we can figure out about Art and Soul in Oct. ALSO, I wanted to let you know that I finally started a BLOG. It is nataliehansen.typepad.com. Take a look if you would! Ciao, Natalie
So glad to hear that your Dad is well on his way to recovery....what a scary thing to happen. Love your earrings!!! What a great idea....Yesterday I was looking through an old Home Companion, and there was a gal that made tea cups, bowls, etc. out of old tins...very cool. GIve me a call soon, so that we can figur out Art and SOul!!! Best time to reach me is M-F around 9ish. I am usually sitting at my desk then!! Ciao, Natalie
Peace pours out of your post! Those earrings are awesome..what gave you the idea to make earrings out of tins? your SO creative! What a find! Love your book list as well I just picked up The Decorated Journal. I'm in love!
I have tin envy!!! I have been having the hardest time finding good designs on tin. Those are great!! Have fun. Glad to hear that your dad is doing better. :)
What a totally cool thing to do with these old tins! You are so creative. and the armoire is lovely. So glad things are going well with your dad.
I was beginning to wonder about ya girl! I'm going through a bit of a rough patch myself at the moment and have pretty much become a hermit yet again. Not feeling very creative at the moment, but looking at all the beautiful tins you scored makes me want to get out and scrounge around some garage sales and get some for myself. I've wanted to make some jewelry from antique tins since I saw the Metal Craft Discovery Workshop book. Are you finding those mostly at estate sales or garage sales? Back when I was going garage saleing on a regular basis (before my little one could walk), I don't remember seeing such beautiful tins as the ones you found. Any tips on finding some over here on my side of town or should I head over closer to where you are? -- Remember to let me know when things slow down for you so we can get together for that coffee. I'd love to see some of those gorgeous earrings in person. I'd be willing to trade some of my lampwork beads for a few pair of those babies...well if I could talk you into a trade that is. ;) Hugs, Paulette

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