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May 11, 2006


PowerWasher can cause real harm, visit http://www.pressurewasherbitz.com where we will add some safety instructions.
Well i unfortunately found this out yesterday. I was using a garage pressure washer with my five year old son, he was only holding the hose i had total control on the gun end. There was a wee leak in it spraying a little but as someone had used it before me i thought it was ok, Next thing the little hole in the hose burst and the hose went out of control, i grabbed the hose to stop my son getting hurt and the water cut right through my left thumb, so painfull. Had to go to hospital and get it cleaned and fixed up, and get another tennus. Definately a dangerous piece of equipment but there was no-one there to check it or help.
I accidentally power washed a portion of my arm a few weeks ago, and let me tell you...it hurt like crap, and I'm sure that a gross scar will be visible for the rest of my life. I had no idea how much damage a power washer could do until I came into personal contact with one. People of all ages should use extreme caution when using one - never let your guard down for a second!
That's so horrible! I'm so sorry!!! This exact thing happened to my Uncle and he almost lost his arm. He dropped the nozzle and it went off. If it would have hit just 1/4" over, it could have killed him. People do not realize how dangerous these things are (as you said)! Happy thoughts for your Dad and your family!!!
Oh my Gosh!!!!! I had no idea that those pressure washers could do something like that! I told my son about this (he uses one to paint with) and various odd jobs..he said Yes...they are extremely dangerous...and that many people get hurt badly every year from these..Thanks Tracy for posting this!! I hope your Dad is doing GREAT!!!!
kelly rae
oh goodness, who knew? thanks for that, and i hope he's doing better...
REally hope your Dad is ok! Wow! I've never had need for a power washer, but I will never forget your situation with your Dad!
Cindy Ericsson
Wow, what a terrible thing for your dad to have to go through -- prayers for all. Thanks for posting so we can put this in our "common sense file."
What a horrific tale, and I can see it would make you feel completley out of sorts. I hope he heals quickly and that all turns out well. best to you and yours!
Geesh, we use ours all the time here and lend it out to neighbors -- will definitely be more careful and we're hoping your dad feels better and heals right up so he can get golfing with his buddies soon!
knit and purl grrl
OH my goodness, I had no idea these washers were so dangerous! Hope your dad is on the mend. Thank you SOSOSO much for the email messages and photos you sent -- lots of ideas for projects. I'll send pics of what I do once I get started on something! And YES let's do that interview when you have a chance... xoxox L
melanie komisarski
Tracy, I am so sorry to hear about your dad... I do hope they find a way to spare his foot. I had no idea power washers were that powerful and dangerous, very scary.
darlene koppel
I'm so sorry to hear about your Father - He will be in my prayers. What a coincidence - We live in Hertford, NC which is not far from the Outer Banks. Darlene
kim boehm
Tracy- your parents are in my prayers, please keep us informed on how your dad is fairing...I hope he recovers and gets to continue his golf game!
Oh Tracy, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I will send positive thoughts that he is ok and his foot is spared. I hope he is back on the links soon. Hugs
thanks for posting that..I do hope your dad is going to be ok. My husband just bought a power washer so I told him all about what happened with your dad. Thanks again for the warning. Sonya
scary. i will keep your dad in my prayers.
Oh wow Tracy! I am so sorry your dad has been hurt and that it's this serious! I can slightly relate. Once I went to a wand wash car wash and I was washing my car. At one point, I got bubbles on the back of my hand. I thought "Oh I will just rinse that off." and aimed the nozzle at my hand, not even stopping to think that a wand wash really is just another name for POWER WASHER. Needless to say, I got the bubbles off, along with several layers of skin. It was such a clean blast that it didn't even bleed initially, but man, it hurt like H*LL!!! I felt like woofing my cookies. I went home, bandaged it up and it took weeks to heal. I had a scar for a couple of years-it was pretty bad. Yes, I think it is wise to NOT ALLOW CHILDREN to use a power washer-anthing blasting under high pressure like that is dangerous. If it can take paint off a building, imagine how that feels blasting a layer (or several) of skin off-NOT FUN and once the damage is done, there's no fixin' it!
My thoughts are with you and your dad, Tracy! That's a very scary thing and just shows how we take things for granted and don't really think of possible dangers in our lives...I sincerely hope he recovers quickly!

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