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Jul 23, 2006


Lily is soooo cute!! My kitty Ruby, likes to lay across all the papers on my desk when I am on the computer. I don't dare let her in my studio when I am working!! Speaking of which, you can check out my new blog, and see my space!! AND we need to figure out ART and Soul too!! I will be gone from now through the weekend, but maybe we can touch base on Monday!!! natalie
Kim Carney
Lily is the perfect companion!
Lily is very cute, and so is your pyama!
Such a sweet dog! :)
Lily is adorable! I love Westies! They have such sweet personalities and they are soooo cute! Isn't it nice to have a little company when you're up in the middle of night? ~ Gabi
Debbie Wachel
What an absolute sweetie! How old is she? My puppy is not a night owl and will be in her bed at 3am!! Great post - and it's never too late!
Oh sweetness! What a pretty picture of Lily! Thanks for sharing, and so what if you're late! I'm glad you posted! xo

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