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Aug 08, 2006


well, gas was actually only .75 back then girl, and i'm sure we were both buying it at the same shamrock at precinct/bedford-euless rd!...great car too-i had a newer z-28 after high school that would blow the doors off every guy in town. loved to see the look on their faces just to see my engine...oh, those were the days~
LOL!!! My first car was a 1967 Camaro-puke green!!! But I still would have people trying to race me. Right now, I'd give ANYTHING to have that car back :0(
Where ya at girl!! ??? CALL ME!!!!! ;) Stacie
Interesting that you mention your first car ever, cuz I just saw a car on the street here that was like my first car ever...an MG Midget. Hmm...must post a copy of that...
Lots of fun, pretty things! And what a cool car ;) I think we may have to stock up on some of those chapstick holders, perfect little gifts... too cute!!!

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