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Aug 06, 2006


OMG!!! The card catalog and wood floors ROCK!!! What an AMAZING FIND!!! Hope you will show your room once you get it all set up!
Oh WOW - I am DROOOOOLLLLLING over this - what a WONDERFUL find!
shelley Noble
That cabinet has to be the best find anyone has ever found at that price anywhere, ever. SCORE! well done.
Oh my Tracy! That IS the find of the century!!! Practical and Beautiful!!! I can't wait to see it in person.....speaking of which, I figured out what classes I want to take at Art and Soul, and I am going to sign up for them today or tomorrow.
That cabinet is GORGEOUS!!!!! And... we have a theory about workers that use verithane (or any other chemicals or breathe in bits of things, really)... it has done something to their little brain cells. That said, you have to be on top of these things and tell them what you want. Don't be afraid to say something :) Athough... if it's fixable and you are painting it white... spackle hides all sins... so, maybe cut the guy some slack, let him spackle and fix instead of replace and use your old baseboard for some kind of new project! ta-dah! Quick fix coming from someone who is not emotionally involved! hehe! Good luck, keep us posted!!!
Tracy! OMG! You got that cabinet for $250??? Sheesh! No. 1, there are no Estate Sales here and No. 2, if there were, I'd never EVER see anything as cool as this cabinet! I found one in an antique store here & it was priced at $2500 - not $250! The find of the century, girlfriend! And while I'm posting - the guy who did your floors did a great job, but he should have done the baseboards with as much craftsmanship and care as he did the floors. Call him on it! He doesn't think you will - because he talked to the MAN OF THE HOUSE - what does "little wifey" know? She's just a woman, and she won't know jack about baseboards! Sheesh! What a turd head! Deb
I have found that often workers will often try to get away with stuff like that. It won't take much to get him to do it right. Just tell him what you want nicely, and he'll take care of it. The floors look beautiful, and the cabinet is great!!! You always find the great stuff.
Tracey Buxton
I am GREEN with envy over that hardware store cabinet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That has to be a find of a lifetime! Love it, love your blog. Oh, and stick to your guns with that flooring guy. Make him get it right for you.

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