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Sep 18, 2006


LMAO, love the chicken joke, just love it.
This made me laugh...I love jokes. Hey...I really count taking a bath as a major accomplishment. Lisa
So good to see you posting again. I kept checking. I love the chicken jokes. I never send joke emails, but I'm severely tempted to send these on.
Danielle Muller
so glad you posted. i too have been suffering from a depression spiral these last few weeks. this is all new to me and it does help to know that i am not alone in this struggle. i have not yet been to a doctor but am now realizing i really should. thanks for the hilarious chicken jokes. really had me smiling. and i love your thrift store find...absolutely precious!
deb trotter
Tracy! OMG, girl, you don't even have a CLUE how much I needed to laugh! Thank you for posting these insane chicken quotes (by the way, my favorite is Ernest Hemmingway - "to die. in the rain." How very Old Man & the Sea-ish) BWAK BWAK BWAK! I have been thinking about you SOOOO much, and Had a feeling you were in a depression spiral. So sorry, sweetie. And by the way, if a COWGIRL were asked why the chicken crossed the road, she'd say, "Yee Ha! What chicken? This is BEEF country!" Hugs- Deb
Oh, THIS is funny stuff!!! (hey, I changed over to blogspot...also if you need to update bloglines or anything) I like your idea of trying to get 3 things done a day. That seems very reasonable! Glad you posted :)

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