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Today I'm reading, listening, watching...

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Sep 18, 2006


Jenny Bean
I bought my hubby XM for his birthday/fathers day gift. He loves it so much, he bought ME a reciever too for my vehicle. When i'm in the house I listen to XM online (Since I'm usually on the computer anyway! I'm going to check out your stations now!
Hi Tracy, Glad to heat you are feeling better. I called you a couple of times, and left messages on your phone. I wanted to discuss art and Soul specifics, but when I didn't touch base with you, I didn't sign up for any classes. Since I didn't hear back from you, I didn't want to commit to airfare, class fees etc. I'm bummed about us not getting together, but perhaps we can do it another time. Perhaps over a weekend? Or is there another art retreat that we could do? Natalie
Hiya ChickeeBee..just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am thinking of you! oxox Marie
Hi Tracy! The hubby loves his satelite radio and next time i'm in his pick-em-up truck, I am gonna get me some good Tracy Roos toons.
Cindy Ericsson
Glad you are out of survival mode and back into the world again! I enjoy reading about your art, life, and fun finds.
Love your web site. Glad you are back and doing better. Baby steps every day. Love and light.
hehe i don't get oprah nor the radio station. but knowing you it must be fun. glad you're somewhat feeling better to post again. looking really forward to catching up with you in ... ahem ... just about 2 weeks!!!!

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