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Sep 28, 2006


OH Tracy, that's great news about Artplay! I was invited to submit, but competition must have been fierce for one of 12 spots. That's a real feather in your cap. If I couldn't have a piece in it this time, I am glad you were chosen! Well done!! *big hugs*
Hi Tracy! I just had to write to tell you I love love your latest additions to your small things collection! Very sweet!! Great finds! Wanted to share the I LOVED Jemima J from Jane Green! Jane Green is fabulous! So is Jennifer Weiner. Did you see "In Her Shoes" with Toni Collete and Cameron Diaz? If not read the book first then watch the movie. Both are very enjoyable! Both writer are absolute favorites of mine. Check out Marion Keyes too! Well hang in there with the depression stuff. My husband suffers from it and I know the best way we tackle it (loosly speaking) is just one day at a time. And thanks again for sharing your finds! I flea market every Sunday in Northern CA and love the trip of expecting nothing and every once in a while scoring a great find! Take care! Bridget
I'm sorry to hear about the depression roller coaster and hope things get better soon - take good care of yourself. Congrats on getting into Artplay '08...looking forward to seeing that next year and to seeing you next week at A&S Vendor Night.
Carrie Sommer
Very cute stuff - darling! Glad you're feeling up to posting. Take good care friend...

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