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Oct 23, 2006


i*ve been wanting to look at some japanese craft books for ages, so please let me know when you list them and I might be a customer. :-) Take care!
That's some cute stuff...ah, just go on and jump in...
I totally understand. For me, it just got to expensive to list on ebay and as a self representing artist I came to my own conclusion that ebay devalued my work and talent. To many buyers wanting something for nothing. That's just my personal opinion and experience, I'm sure you'll come to know what's best for you. I love Etsy by the way.
Suzanne in Albany
Glad to see all your recent posts! Listing on e-Bay can be very daunting (not to mention expensive) as you already know, I must say Etsy is so much easier and cheaper! Looking forward to seeing your treasures listed!
I like the little white kitty near the end of the list. I too have wanted to send off some items to Ebay land, and then become so overwhelmed with "what should I say" and everything after that...but it can't be that bad...everybody is doing it...except me and you!

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