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Nov 08, 2006


Judy Scott
Hi Tracy what an amazing collection, If you think you'll wear them go for it and remake! if it were me I would use it in my little quilts ~ Im quite a simple person when it comes to jewellry though!!! I always love to see jewellry on others I would love to have longer fingers so I could wear big rings!! Have a fab weekend, Jude x
Thanks for the show and tell! So fun! Wish I had more room around here... maybe when some of these durned kids move out (in about 15 years). xoxoxo Lainie
What a lot of cool stuff! You DO collect, don't you? It's all wonderful.
Cindy Ericsson
I say you should go for it. If you can't wear it in the current condition, you won't value it. If you can re-make it into something that you will love wearing, why not? Otherwise, it's like having a china cabinet full of fine china that you've never put on the table for your family and guests to enjoy.
Hi Tracy, Have you seen Holly's blog/art site? She does fun things with her little treasures, too, in her collages. http://hollylovesart.blogspot.com/
Wowser! You got yourself some pirate treasure! Thanks for the eye candy and the update.

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