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Dec 28, 2006


Carolina - NeoVamp Jewelry
this is so true! It's just what I'm trying to show in my Altered Book of Change. I'm adding your blog to my blogroll-feel free to do the same if you want to. Thanks for all the sweet comments on flickr!
In similar situations I have been dealing with.. I totally agree.. do good no matter what.. because good is what matters right? Even if others don't believe in your intentions.. what does it matter.. because you are the one who knows in your heart it is with good intention... I love this and you couldn't have posted it at a better time! love u
A new lamp to shed light on a New Year! And a book to help make sense of it all too. I soo believe in the "do it anyway" philosophy..it just feels good to be the one holding the olive branch instead of looking for the thorns. Glad you had a good Yule, and wishing you a wonderful New Year!
I'm loving that lamp! And my MIL just gave me a Delft lamp today, so I have a new one, too!
Happy Yule to you Tracy! =^..^=

Your Christmas sounds as if it was yummy!
What great friends & family you have!
Oh My Goodness ... Keith's book, ANYWAY ... Is wonderful isn't it! It originally came with a little card inside that you can carry with you (or give away to a friend) with the "paradoxical commandments" outlined so you could have them close to remind you. Maybe it still does come with it ... I always have that card propped up in view somewhere. I didn't know a handbook had been published.
If more people just paid attention ... and followed there hearts. If people were kind first and thought about their actions ... Always took the highroad ... Well, you've read the book. We can dream of a better world or begin one.
By example.

The golden rule still ... Rules!

You're awesome, Tracy!
Peace to you and yours =^..^=zU
Judy Scott
So happy you had a wonderful Christmas, I know someone who would love that lamp, it looks really good in the picture and great to get such a bargain!!! Judexxx

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