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Dec 20, 2006


Thanks for the wonderful adventure down memory lane. I loved the pictures too! I can relate to getting stuck when pulling out all the "crap". I linger over it all and get lost in the moment.
hi Michelle, One thing I can assure you of is this.... when Katy, my oldest started pulling away, I can remember feeling like I was losing her... kind of a panic. (Not that I let on to her, but still..) She had about 2 years of shutting me out while she found her own identity...(in a way it seemed she almost needed to hate me in order to cut the cord from the mommy daughter relationship.) Once this happened, and I had to give her the freedom NOT to share every bit with me, even though I felt I had no clue who she was anymore....she came back to me. Once she knows that she doesn't have to depend on me as mommy but can redefine her need for me including her own independence and ability to work things through on her own, her need to be extreme in separating from me stopped. She is not the needy girl she had been right before that change....was more confident in her own decisions, etc....not only that, there are days when I actually do say...."honey, I need some alone time now...can we have 30 minutes of no talking?" Once she hit highschool, miss chatterbox returned, it's not that little high pitched girl voice, and of course, we're not talking about bugs or tiny girl things...but my daughter is back. Once she went through her separation, other things came back...her love for Pooh characters, hello kitty, all the loves of her childhood were okay again. A couple of years later when her little sister started pulling away, I was comforted in knowing that it was temporary...and it was. :) oxox
Michelle A.
I'm there right now. My precious daughter is almost 14. I too miss the tiny years and although I have a good relationship with my girl I can feel here needing her space and less of me. I know that's how it's suppose to go but...it's difficult.

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