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Dec 22, 2006


Maryam in Marrakesh
What an amazing stash!
Cindy Ericsson
Sending prayers & happy thoughts your way as you work through your space. I know how easy it is to become overwhelmed by the "great clean-out." I'm kind of due for one myself.
great storage system, I need to organize my ribbons to someday. good luck with the cleaning. I don't want to clean, I want a bigger house instead! ;-) merry christmas tracy!
You go girl!!! You can do it!
Wow Tracy! I am sending your page off to my two friends who are also ribbon addicts..I can see their cheeks flushing and their pulses increasing as I type. I agree with your hubby, "purge now and get more later!" I have been able to do it recently as I have been turning on some of my students on to the world of ATC's...and they needed supplies right? So I find out what colors they like and make up a gallon freezer baggie full of stuff. That way they can see all that inspiration and get a move on. Maybe your girls have some girls who might be so spirited?

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