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Today I'm reading, listening, watching...

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Dec 31, 2006


Oh! I can't wait!! :-D
Danielle Muller
your "vessels" are great! happy new year!!
Wow. Those are fabulous!!! I am going to click and enlarge them so I can "study" them in more detail. Thanks for sharing pix.
Judy Scott
Hi Tracy, these are fabulous and are so beautifully presented ~ Jude x
Oooo...are these for the Divine Definitions swap? LOVE them!! I'm sad I'm in Group #1 and won't be getting one of yours though - wah! :)
Happy New Year hon! Sounds like you had a pretty relaxing New Year's Eve. Hope the hubby made it home by midnight. :) Love the pretties you made for your swap and it's so great to see you posting on your blog again! Wish I could get back into the swing with mine...I've got yet another cold (ugh!), although this one seems pretty mild thankfully. Hope to be over it by the weekend. ~ xoxo
Thos are SO cute!!!!!! Hmmm... you are inspiring me to participate in one of these "swap" things you speak of... just because I want one of those ;) Happy New Year! (oh those 2 cats... I betcha they started it... hehe)
ruth  rae
ok... I think we are in the same swap group with this... and all I can say is mine suck!!! yours are over the top cool!!! way to do :)
What delightful, fun, pretty little doohickeys! I can understand wanting to share such wonderful sights. Great way to start off the new year...with a little Tracy Eye Candy! Happy New Year Girlfriend!
...and I've never learned to tie a proper bow! You do such lovely work. Happy NY!
kristy C
LOVE your little vessels , Tracy :) Long time no see-glad to find your blog and see what you've been up to! Happy New Year :)

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