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Today I'm reading, listening, watching...

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Dec 13, 2006


Still sick? You have got to get better, girl. It was so good to get to meet you. Fun to just chat about this and that. Hope we can do it again, soon.
Suzanne Renfrow
Now THAT'S found treasure! You really scored big on your e-Bay sale! HOO-WEE! Your post just cracked me up, bet it's the last time your hubby makes a bet with you!!! I'm also into some kind of nostalgic kick lately, too, having these sudden little flashbacks every once in awhile of things I had as a kid, now missing them and looking (on e-Bay, where else?!) for them again! I think we are yearning for the simpler, more carefree days of our lives?!
Girl- you make me laugh!! Mini blinds... hehe . And, I will admitt to reading one or two Jeniffer Cruise books. :)
Wow, I'm inspired to list some of my treasures!! Good Luck hope you can get that kitchen blind installed ;-)

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