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Jan 23, 2007


Hi Tracy - I'm behind on reading everyone's blogs and just saw your little msg to me. I'm trying to find out what happened to the extra piece I made (one person dropped out from our group) and if CU still has it, would love to swap with you - I'll let you know! :)
Wow, I finally found you! I have had an old link to your blog for ages and was wondering where you were. I got here from someone elses blog, nice to see that you are blogging! I will get that changed right now! Nice to see you!
those are SO cute - I get very overwhelmed as well - too many things to do and sometimes my fingers just can't keep up - also I do too many different things - do come visit - xox - eb.
Miss Tracy =^..^=
Your plans for the weekend getaway sound just yummy!
What fun ... and with a special friend to share it with that "gets you" is always the best!

Add lots of chocolate. It's the near cure-all cherry on top!

The little bear head charms ...
Oh so sweet. But those little guys are time consumming!
I know all about that! I get really frustrated when I am doing a lot of things all at once and beat myself up over not working fast enough. I guess that's what starts it. I dunno. I end up feeling totally overwhelmed and unable to do anything.
I really mean ANYTHING! Nothing gets done that is supposed to be done. I wind up circling the same [list of] things to do over and over and can't seem to decide where to start, which of course makes it all worse ::sigh::

And I am very good at avoiding it until I really have no choice but face the music. (I want to do things, just for some reason can't.) Does that make sense?

Yep. I know how it feels ::ugh::
And what's worse? I do it to myself over and over! It always rights itself when I just sort of ... well, give up (or give in?) and just DO something. Then the rest falls into place. But it makes me crazed. I'd rather hide.

I understand what you are saying/feeling --totally! And I love the wee hours for some reason too. I just work best then.

Have a wonderful time this weekend!
You deserve a treat. Um. And Lily says to tell you ...
she deserves another too ::giggle::

way big hugs,
love ya! =^..^= zU
Just LOVE those charms!
Hey hon! So sorry to hear you're not feeling so great. Thursday night won't work 'cause hubby's got his guitar lessons on Thursdays. Don't know if Friday would work or not...what'cha got going on next week? ~Love ya sweetie! (((hugs))) ~Paulette~ P.S. Have fun this weekend! You so need an artsy girlie getaway!
Judy Scott
This sounds so beautiful and what a lovely wonderful time you'll have together ~ enjoy every minute, jude xx
OMG, I wish I had known about this swap. Those teensy bear heads are TOO CUTE!! Wow!! Darling.. Have a great time on your outing. Its sounds great. I am jealous!!

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