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Feb 23, 2007


I appreciate your story. I, too, had HPV. After having a procedure done to mimimiza my risk of cervical cancer, my cerix was so scarred that I had to have my 2 boys via C-Section. At 38, I needed a hysterectomy and had my cerix removed at the same time. I grew up educated and aware of STD's and precautions, yet I got it as an adult. You can still get HPV after you are married because it only takes one partner for it to spread. I have boys,who can also contract HPV, but the one thing I would do if I had the choice for a daughter, would be to thouroghly review all the data and make my on decision if the studies and clinical trials are acceptable. Thank you for your thought provoking post!
Jen Osborn
you get big applause for putting yourself out there so personally! My sister contracted HPV in college and wasn't told until numerous "abnormal" pap smears later that she had HPV. She went on to undergo multiple horrific treatments to her cervix and even today has problems that we are sure are related to having HPV. She's had a 3 month miscarriage and is so thankful to have been lucky enough to be blessed with a daughter after 4 horrible years of trying everyone's "get pregnant" advice. I took my 12 1/2 year old to her 1 year physical this year ... and while we decided to wait 1 more year before vaccinating (she was already getting 2 other shots at that visit and got hysterical over the idea of 1 more) she and I had a very thorough talk about HPV (and other STDs) and she agreed that she should be vaccinated before High School. As a family member of someone who suffered greatly from HPV, I want to thank you with all my heart for posting this on your website and raising awareness!!! Problems are never solved by hiding them under the rug ... talking to your children about sex and STDs does NOT make them want to rush out and try it! As the parent of 2 teenagers, I've found out that it does the opposite. They have a fair understanding about what sex is about and are in no hurry to experiment to learn. It's the children of parents who refuse to talk about it (or are too embaressed) who are more often than not promiscuous. You're brave and get huge respect from this mother of a teenager girl! xox jen
Thank you for sharing something so private and personal. You make absolutely wonderful points. I strongly agree...this HPV vac. is NOT in the same 'grouping' as condoms and BC at all. I'm late commenting on everything and finally getting back into everything. Hope your dog is ok. Safe travels.
tracy, you are brave and strong......i enjoy your blog.....but this one is especially touching...well done......elizabeth
Lisa Kaus
Hi Tracy, Been enjoying your blog for a long time- This post caused me to do bit of research, another side to present. I have not made a decision to whether I support this vaccine or not but my past experience has always led me to believe that the very large pharmaceuticals tend to paint a very rosy picture with there best interests usually in mind- Here is a link of another individuals blog that has some good information- Just copy-paste into your browser. thanks-take care http://didwesaythatoutloud.blogspot.com/2007/02/hpv-vaccine-what-they-dont-want-you-to.html
Tracy, I think that it is great that you posted this. I, sometime in my past, also contracted HPV and since I had had regular check ups it wasn't caught until it was too late to completely head it off. As a result I had to go thru very many checkups and procedures while also trying to maintain my ability to carry a baby to term. We had great difficulty trying to conceive and I consider it a miracle that I finally did and we had a healthy baby. When it comes time to have her vaccinated.. we most definitely will. I would hate to see her undergo the same fear and heartbreak that I did.
Suzanne Renfrow
I just saw an article in Focus on the Family magazine, and they endorse the vaccine! They are definitely against pre-marital sex, but they said that the vaccine is most effective when given to girls while they are still young. So if a conservative organization like that endorses it, I think I would have to go along with thinking the vaccine is a positive thing!
tracy~ i share your shoes and in my younger days wasnt smart about unprotected sex so now i am paying for it and i do have a 24yr old daughter who has issues also for the stupid things she has done in her past! so i stand right along side of you..if i was there i would be hugging you~~someday i will meet you and we can hug! xoxo~kim
Thank you for your honesty. Here is my honesty. Statistically speaking, any woman that has had sex, and most of us have, and has not contracted the disease consider it luck that they haven't. The Gov't tells us that 50% of all sexually active women will get this. Steaks are hi here. Get your girls vacinatied as early as possible. HPV is not from sexual promiscuity, your daughter may be a virgin when she gets married. If her husband wasn't and carries this to her without knowing it then we as mothers have done our job to protect them no matter what. Just think 12 women that are sitting around Bunko and have 8 daughters amongst them. These daughters range in age from 7 to 17. If the public statistics are correct that 50% of all sexually active women will get this then, 4 of them will get it unless they don't want kids. What 4 would you choose? But, if all 8 are vacinated before they become sexually active, none of them will get it!
Great post Tracy. I don't have kids.. I can understand a parent not wanting to discuss sexually transmitted diseases with a nine year old- but the reality is knowledge is power.And those 9 year olds see the commercials. For the first time in history we have a chance to possibly PREVENT a cancer. That is huge! I have friend who has cercial cancer. Let me just say- I would rather discuss sex with a 9 year old( in an approprite way) than have her go thru the rest of her life battling cancer.
Thank you for your very candid post. I think you are very brave to put it all out there on the www. As the mom of a teenage girl, I don't have a problem with talking to my daughter about sex and HPV. I don't live in a bubble where I think because of our religious or moral beliefs she will never have sex. What I do have a problem with is giving my daughter a vaccine that has been rammed through the clinicals and is being funded by ONE drug company that will make untold millions. What are the ramifications of this drug years from now? We don't know.
Tracy, I can't imagine why anyone would not want to protect their child's health-sexual or otherwise. When our kids are little, we teach them all about thier bodies, but we leave out the most important stuff-the parts that we really need to talk about in order to help them be educated and keep them safe. Knowledge=power! I have an almost 16 year old son. When he was in grade 5, I signed him up for a workshop with a well know sex educator so he could learn the facts of life in a comfortable environment. The woman who taught the course was brilliant and very kid friendly and all the parents attended as well. I can't tell you how good I felt about him attending this class. In the last 2 weeks, as part of his classes in high school, the kids have been learning about STDs and sexual health. I am thrilled! The bottom line is, we MUST stop being so afraid of talking to our kids about this kind of stuff. My son is amazingly forthcoming about things he wants/needs to know and as a result, I believe he will make informed choices when the time is right. I am confident that if he has anything to discuss, he will come to me. He knows I am can talk openly about sex without being embarassed about it. As parents we set the tone. If we make it no big deal, neither will our kids. We give our daughters a German Measels vaccine to protect them from getting the disease if they ever get pregnant and giving it to their babies and causing major birth defects. I don't understand how the HPV vaccine would be any different! Getting the measels vaccine doesn't mean they are going to run out and start having babies! Why are people so stuck on this "if we do x, y, or z it means they will run out and have sex!"??? It's warped thinking! It's adding 1+1 and getting 3! And what can we say to girls getting the vaccine? Simply put, "This will help protect you from getting a certain type of cancer when you are older."
Cindy Ericsson
Wow, Tracy, that's brave of you to post. Thank you. I have sons, so I probably will never have to make a decision for my child on this, but I think it is so much easier to do this when the girls are younger. The decision for a younger child is made for them, not with them, and is strictly a health decision. There's no threat/accusation of giving a child tacit approval to be sexually active before marriage. It's probably hard for some parents to choose wisely because of that fear. I do think the vaccine is a good idea, and I think we will learn even more about how effective it is over the next few years as it is used in the general population. Because there is still much to learn, I'm not sure I agree with those who would make it mandatory at this time. I do hope parents and children are able to make wise choices that are not based in fear.
ruth rae
Thank you Tracy for sharing your story.I strongly support the HPV vaccine.

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