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Feb 26, 2007


Hi Tracy, I love the little house you made on "Thats Clever" yesterday. Do I use dammar varnish crystals or liquid? I have the beeswax already. Can I use parafin instead of candle wax? thanks for sharing,Jean
Sammy Stafney
I think we are all packrats naturally expecially if we love to create! Love, love, love your heart, button charms... way cool!
Sammy Stafney
I think artists are just natural pack rats.. I went thru and gave a lot of stuff away not to long ago and already I am over loaded again... just can't help it! Oh I love your heart charms... I would love to do a trade with you for one of them... On my blog I have several charms I have that if you like one I would love to trade with you..
I am just the opposite. I just love to purge things. Like what I have been doing in the past couple of days, going through kitchen/family room cupboards and cleaning and clearing. Then the big trip to Goodwill. It always makes me feel so good!
Tracy- I applaud your efforts to lighten up on some of the treasures. Not an easy task. BUT I gotta tell ya I don't think "trades" are going make more room in your house dear!
The chairs are definitely sigh-worthy! You should try Seven Things for getting rid of stuff - it's a slow and less painful process. Or you can send me any extras ;)
Those little chairs are adorable!! I used to play with one like that at my grandma's house when I was little. Love the charms too!!
Melissa McCobb Hubbell
hi Tracy! Those chairs are SO adorable! Are you going to keep all 16 or will you be parting with any? I'd love to purchase (or trade for) one!! Melissa

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