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Mar 21, 2007


Kelle Arvay
I was reading your post (love your blog by the way!) and I can relate to the bouts of depression. For me sometimes they come in waves. It hits me hardest in the winter. Perhaps the winter blues, but I feel it time to time during the other seasons and it just comes out of no where and for no apparent reason. I hope you and your friend Stacy find some relief from it. I'm still struggling with it from time to time but find that getting out, doing something different, walking, etc., seems to help a little. Just a change of scenery seems to boost my spirits. Take care. Kelle
oh Tracy -^..^-
Please, is sweet Lily okay?
On pins and needles ...

Cindy Ericsson
Tracy, it's been a while since you posted this -- I hope things are well in your world!
Oh, Tracy. I do so hope Lily is ok. When you wrote that she was vomiting, I immediately thought of the bad dog food. Hope both you and Lily are ok. Hugs, Deb
Gypsy Purple-Chamara
Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter
Dearest Tracy, So long it's been since I spoke with you last(A&S Portland?)...I pray your dear Lily is doing very well and filling your heart with joy and laughter. I pray your friend Stacie has found a source of hope...and you too. (((hugs))) deanna
oh, and happy belated bday!
you're such a sweetheart!! hope you'll both be able to go to artfest and have the best of times!! hugs to stacie as well.
Junk 2 Jewels
Simply Adorable!
Cindy Ericsson
Hope you had a great birthday, and that all is well in your world!
Oh Tracy, just read this! If we could count the number of us artists who struggle with depression - oh my. Sigh, my heart is heavy for us all. I adore Stacie, so I am so glad to know you are/were with her. I am praying too for your little doggie! Keep us posted. xoxox - Chel
Poor, poor puppy. I hope she is doing better soon...
Hello Tracy: My name is Cata. I'm from Italy and i read your journal every day. I would like to say thank you because I always find inspiration in your art. Reading your post i feel you are a good "SOUL". God bless you! Arrivederci, Cata.
Hello Tracy: My name is Cata. I'm from italy and i read your journal every day. I only want to say that i found so much inspiration in your art and i feel your are a great "SOUL". Thank you indeed for be here every day! Prayers to you and your family including your dog of course. Arrivederci Cata.
Oh Tracy! You ARE a great friend...I'm keeping Stacie and Lily in my thoughts!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY twin!! Hope you have a good day and I hope Lily is okay. (You do know about the contaminated pet food, I hope? I hope that's NOT what's wrong!!)
Dear Tracy, You are a good friend! Prayers to you, Stacie, and your pup. xoxo Lain

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