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Apr 24, 2007


When did your mom have an accident? I am so glad she is ok!!! My dad almost died of a heart attack in Jan 06 at an airport in NY. (That was the first of my emails to be returned I think.) We were not ready to lose him at all---and he was not ready to go! We have all been extremely grateful for more life together. I had no idea you had experienced the same scare with your mom....Hope to hear from you, Tina
Oh my, so sorry about your mom. Hope she is going to be okay. Big hugs for that. And congrats on the magnet school for Kimber. How exciting to look forward to that for next year.
Hi Tracy: I'm happy to see you are back. Best wishes to Mom. Have a Creative Week! Darlene
Cindy Dean
Tracy, I am so glad that you posted a new addition to your blog! I have been waiting! I was wondering how you were doing! I am looking forward to seeing more art that you create and hopefully some more jewelry. I just love the little earrings I bought from you recently. I hope all goes better. Cindy
Cindy Ericsson
I'm glad you're back! Good news for your daughter, and I hope your mom feels better soon. It always takes me a while to come out of a funk, too, but the important thing is to keep going. (There's a children's book by Margaret Wise Brown that describes lots of everyday objects and repeats the phrase "but the important thing about a ______ is" -- have you ever seen it?)
Hi Tracy! Love your blog...photos are so attractive I just have to read everything! Congrats to you Mom for raising such a great girl...you must be Mega Proud!

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