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May 21, 2007


Great job, and it was definitely an awesome project. I hardly left this swivel bar stool while I'm intent of learning a thing or two from you.
Joy Logan
Tracy I just want to thank you for swapping ATCs in the very begining.I was so inpressed by your immaculate and wonderful cards.I see you love pink and have a special "pink"present for you.Please email you addy. Joy
I saw your segment, it was lovely. And made me want to play in wax! You inspired. :) m.
What CUTE little furry babies you have!! Love the photo of Muffin with the beloved bush - too cute! Congrats on your TV spot!
Bummer - I didn't make it back in time to set my Tivo to record Monday's episode! Hope there will be a rerun. :)
I finally got to watch the show today (thank goodness for DVR) and you were great hon! When Aiden saw Lily, he screamed "LILY" at the top of his lungs...well the way he says it, which doesn't quite sound like Lily but it's just so dang cute! Anyways, it was so great to finally see your episode. I remember you were just getting ready to film it when I first emailed you last year. Gosh, it's been that long already?!! Man does time fly! Miss you hon! Hope you're doing good. xoxoxo
Damn it all, woman! I MISSEd you on the show! Rats! Anyhoo, miss talking with you. Hang in there, oh talented one. Deb
p.s. - LOVE the furbabies photos! So glad to see they are both OK and doing well :-)
Tracy Rooooooooooooooooooooooooooos! Oh how I loved seeing your smiling face (after I got done yelling at the tv you for not telling you were going to be on today!) I had a FULL DVR tonight and it was threatening to erase things, so I just sat down to watch my recorded shows and - what a double take I did when I saw your face looking back at me - I had to rewind and watch the intro (I usually fast forward those). I am so happy you were on. You were great! Friendly, personal, fun but not too wacky and a project with pink and little girl dresses. How very Tracy :-) I miss chatting with you and REALLY hope to see you at Art and Soul again this year! (((((HUGS))))), deanna
Hi Tracy, I saw you today on the show and you were great.... Your a tv star. hee-hee Keep on creating your awesome stuff. Creatively, Tammie Moore
Oh My Gosh you were so good! I loved your projects, and I agree with your Mom - you were the best one! I had to quiet my husband because he was talking in the beginning....GREAT job.

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