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Aug 22, 2007


wow! I guess that is why I've always heardl- never drink from a water hose!Lily is adorable!!!
Hi Sweetheart, I haven't spoken to/with you in so long. I'll always be grateful to you for getting me going again with my collage work on paper when you kindly included me in your first deck of cards. I would love to work with you on any future trades, decks or projects. I just finally signed up for Artfest for the first time. I've been wanting to go for ages. I LOVE your sweet little puppy photo. She's gorgeous. Congratulations on all of your well earned success. Your hard work and talent, your generosity, it's so obviously paid off. I just hadn't been by in sooo long and wanted to visit since I was mentioning you in a post I wrote on a Yahoo group. I hope you're happy and well, although you mentioned depression. If you have depression, I'm sorry, I understand because I was diagnosed with it as well and take Effexor for it, although I really think that what it is is extreme sensitivity. I was just talking about this today with my boyfriend, (God it feels weird to say boyfriend when you're talking about a man in his fifties), we were saying that there should be a term for this like autism but we could say artism instead, as in, "Oh she has artism, she's artistic." I'm serious because they often tend to go hand in hand. I get depressed if I watch the news and when things become overwhelming. This Summer has been a wild ride for me. I developed a bleeding ulcer on a cruise to Mexico and wound up losing so much blood I had to be taken off the ship, along with my family, and hospitalized in Cabo. Then when we came home my partner of sixteen years was freaking out and thought we should break up, so there was all of that to work through, and my Mom was diagnosed with pretty widespread cancer, to say nothing of many sick friends who were also hospitalized and needed support, and my never ending animal rescue needs and expenses. The thing about you though is that you do get art done, you do push though it, and I admire you so much for this. You can have all the talent and all the dreams in the world but in my mind you are someone who makes it happen and that's such a serious accomplishment. Anyway, just wanted to catch up and send some love your way. Big Hugs, Jacqui http://jacqui.livejournal.com
Renee Cassese
Hi--Love your blog. No, I did not know about lead in water hoses. As a preschool administrator I'm glad I now have that info. Love the look on Lily's face. That little turned up corner of the mouth always intrigues me with dogs. How do they know that if they do that they can have whatever they want?
Hey Tracy! I love this pic of the pup. What a cutie. I also just saw you on That's Clever. I was just half watching and I saw an image of a painted red head zip by. I backed it up and looked again and it was one of your redheads! I have a necklace with one. Then I zipped back to the begining and sure enough...it was YOU. You and your studio looked amazing. And I loved the project and can't wait to try it! hugs...mary b in texas
ruth rae
I just saw you on that's clever ! it was so cool to see you in action! your studio looks amazing! and the wax dress you made was divine :)
Your doggy is so cute! No wonder you want to take photos of him.

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