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Oct 11, 2007


re: your relationship with your mother...I don't know your story all that well... but... all I can say is, nothing is ever what you want it to be exactly and perfectly and that's just life. I would just be hopeful that you could find some peace and everything else is icing on the cake, if that makes sense. I can't give you much advice in a simple comment... but... first you must find peace, harmony, love, acceptance and self respect for yourself... then everything else will fall into place. If you are expecting to hear something specific from someone to make you "whole", you aren't going to hear it. Work on loving yourself first and everything else in your life will come later or, better yet, it won't matter what anyone else thinks at all. :) Smile and keep taking those wonderful pictures!!!
Joy Logan
Welcome home! I can feel alot of what you have previously been thru emotionally...Oh and I love the understanding of men,lol. You are for sure ready to journal it all down,what a fab trip I can't even imagine. Hope your spirits are ready to regain consciousness now,glad you are back!
Tiffany Singleton
Regarding your relationship with your mom, I think I know how you feel. I am 40, and many times I still feel like a little girl when I spend time with my mother. Sometimes it seems like we're in a constant battle...she wants to assert herself as "Mother" and I want to assert myself as an independent woman and an equal. Perhaps "equal" isn't the right word to use...what I mean is, like you, I'd love to be viewed as more of a friend than a daughter(who needs guidance). Thank you for sharing your feelings and know that you aren't weird for feeling the things that you do. I think many women struggle with this. I think the best thing we can do is to try and not repeat the same cycle with our own children when they become adults. (I'm new to your blog, I'm assuming you have kids from reading your Oct. 11th post)
My mom as well continues to be my parent and not my equal, and I am almost 50. The good in this is that she is honest with me, even when that honesty burns. HOWEVER, I have finally gotten my voice with her...something I lacked for years. When her comments are rude and something she would never dare say to another, I can now tell her so. I appreciate her honesty, as sometimes no one else has the balls to say what needs to be said. Does that make sense? Thanks for sharing what is probably a reality all of us daughters face, but many are unwilling or unable to verbalize.
Your pictures of your trip are stunning! What a feast of beauty for the eyes and soul! I am sorry your dreams did not come true for the relationship between yourself and your mother. It sounds like you did have some good bits on the trip though and did make some happy memories, even if the adult connection you were hoping for did not occur. {{{{{hugs}}}}}}

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