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Sep 22, 2008


Suzy yun
I have been desperately looking for a cursive typewriter, and a pink one would just be the icing on the cake! seems i am too late. any tips on finding a cursive typewriter in pristine condition?
that is a very cool typewriter!
ann zazzi
Hi Tracy - I love your site. Peddler's Pack directed me here. I have customers looking for one of your stamps. Are you selling them wholesale? We'd love to carry it at our store. Please let me know. Thanks. Ann
kelsey williams
i am 11 years old and would like a pink typewriter. got any good websites of where i can get one for christmas
I love your new blog header.. I have 4 daughters and it is funny how each one handled the driving thing differently. My first daughter is married and still doesn't have her license. I guess she likes being chauferred around. My next daughter got her license at 16. A very independent girl.. My next Daughter is 18 and got her license at 17. The last daughter is 16 going on 17 and I don't know what she is waiting for.. I haven't rushed it though.. Something about that freedom and wheels.. I don't know. I don't care about rushing it.. My last 2 are boys are 13 and 10 and believe me they won't wait a min. past 16.. I love your pink typewriter. How fun.. It is hard to part with things but, I do know about simplifying life. I had to do it.. It was out of control. I know your not alone. Good luck and God Bless.
Patty O'Rourke
darn, Tracy! wish I had seen your pink typewriter listing sooner! what fun! good luck with the simplifying, I struggle with the same. I've nominated you for an award, check my blog for info. take care, Patty
Oh that typewriter!! *cries* It makes me ill that I couldn't buy it. Nice to see you out and about online again! Missed you! xo
Cindy Ericsson
Tracy, I found out what we need -- not a garden shed, but to SHED! http://quiltingarts.com/cpsmag/extras/organizing_tips_STUDIOS.html
I totally understand where you are coming from. I too am a collecter of things. Cute typewriter... I have my own old typewriter...LOL
Cindy Ericsson
I love it! I'm trying to curb the creative chaos here, too, and shouldn't spend the money right now, so I can only wish the winner well with it. Maybe one day...
Paulette Insall
So good to see a post from you! Hope all is well! :) Super cute typewriter...hope it finds a good home. :D xo, Paulette

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